Being There

When at the Get Off the Grid Fest please remember, this is the South and this is summer.  The sun will beat down on us and that is a very good thing as this will enable us to power this event and although we have lots of tents and covered spaces, most of the 16 acre Big Berea Pasture will be open. Bring sunscreen, protective head wear, camp chairs and/or ground cloths, etc,  reusable containers and water bottles to refill with H2O provided by Mountain Valley Springs at dispensers located throughout the grounds.

Recycling depots will be set up by Danny’s Dumpsters for plastic, glass and cans. Trash Bins will be provided for trash,  which should be at a minimum.  Even our food waste will be composted at the festival in containers that will be utilized by the farm at Warren Wilson College that has so graciously allowed us to hold this event here.

Please remember to remain mindful that this site is an active pasture,  an integral part of a working bio-dynamic farm, please treat and respect this land as you would your Mother.

We thank you, She thanks you!

PRE-SALE TICKETS WILL MOVE YOU THROUGH THE LINES MUCH QUICKER!  Please purchase your tickets online before you arrive to festival to keep waiting times at a minimal.