Meet the Fest

Meet Robert Eidus, NC Ginseng & Goldenseal Co.

Overcoming Bumps in Life with Diet Changes – Rober Eidus, Noth carolina, NC Ginsing and Goldenseal Company

Eidus is president and CEO of North Carolina Ginseng & Goldenseal Co. at Eagle Feather Organic farm in Marshall, NC. The founder of the North Carolina Ginseng Association and co-founder of the North Carolina Natural Products Association. His You Tube site PlantFriends is an award winning talk show and Robert now has a radio show on wART. FM called “Plants and their Friends” and can be archived  at the web site Since 2012, Robert has developed a strain of cannabis called Tsunami Web and seeds are available at

The presentation will be a talk on “How to get through the upcoming bumps in the road of life” Major diet changes, using herbs, and wild edible plants, mushrooms and nuts. Taking on the new stresses of our society in a positive way (yoga and movement) and readjusting our concepts of “rightful work” and travel that supports the new environmentally aware life style. Taking back your power to heal yourself, through breath, food, movement and medicine. A life changing movement for the audience.

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