Meet the Fest

Meet Randy Flinders, Renewable Energy Southeast!

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Solar Thermal and Solar Hot Water – Randy Flinders, Renewable Energy Southeast to our presentation tent!

Renewable Energy Southeast LLC designs and installs affordable solar hot water, pool, and radiant floor heating/cooling systems.  Using the sun’s energy to simply heat water is a great first step on the path to energy cost control, and even energy independence. Domestic hot water consumes about 20% of a typical home’s energy use.

Our radiant floor heating systems use this same free energy to heat homes and businesses in a very efficient, clean, and most of all, comfortable manner. Solar-powered radiant heating/cooling systems also qualify for the federal 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). Renewable Energy Southeast LLC’s scaled-up systems also supply abundant hot water for commercial applications; like hotels, food processing, breweries, dairies, and hospitals. Randy will explain Solar Thermal and Solar Hot Water on Saturday at noon in the presentation tent.

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