Meet the Fest


Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome NUCLEAR WATCH SOUTH as one of our valued sponsors!
Nuclear Watch South is a direct action environmental group headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1977, this loose network of antinuclear activists has created an enduring resistance to nuclear power, nuclear waste and nuclear weapons in the Southeast. The group was originally called GANE – Georgians Against Nuclear Energy but changed its name to Nuclear Watch South in 2006 to reflect the broadening scope of nuclear issues facing the Southeast. At 42, we are the undisputed “oldest grassroots environmental group in Georgia.” Get Off the Grid Fest producer Bill Fleming is an original GANE/Nuclear Watch South member and serves on the group’s Board of Directors.
Fueled with volunteer energy and using a variety of tactics, this grassroots group has distinguished itself through legal interventions which led to the shutdown of the research reactor on Georgia Tech’s downtown Atlanta campus, repairs to Vogtle’s back up safety equipment, and most recently to the cancellation of a massive factory to manufacture plutonium-powered nuclear fuel at the Savannah River Site bomb plant on Georgia’s border in South Carolina.
Georgia is famously the only state undertaking to build nuclear reactors at present and Nuclear Watch South is closely watchdogging the multi-billion boondoggle which is greatly enriching Georgia Power Company. Nuclear Watch South volunteers testify at Public Service Commission and Department of Energy hearings in addition to organizing protests, film screenings and dance parties.
Recently, the Nuclear Watch South has rallied around the Kings Bay Plowshares 7 which trespassed on the Kings Bay Trident nuclear submarine base on the coast of Georgia on the 50th anniversary of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in April 2018. While these courageous people of faith are incarcerated for breaching security at this significant nuclear weapons depot, Nuclear Watch South is working to spread the word about this massive nuclear weapons threat which is, among other things, displacing the endangered North Atlantic Right Whale from its only known calving grounds.
Nuclear Watch South is pleased to be involved with Get Off the Grid Fest which it calls “The Antidote to the Vogtle Blues!” This year the festival begins on the 74th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki and we will co-host a remembrance at 5PM on Friday. We will share the story of the origin of the origami peace crane tradition and teach how to fold a paper crane at our tent. We look forward to cultivating a shared understanding of how militarism and nuclear are enmeshed in “the grid” from which we seek freedom.

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