Meet the Fest

Meet The Footprint Project & Rent Solar

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Deploying Solar & Storage to Climate Emergencies   – The Footprint Project and Rent Solar – sponsors

As climate-induced disasters increase in frequency, severity, and scale, affected communities are demanding comprehensive recovery programs that integrate renewable energy solutions to ultimately build back better. Turnkey solar nano grids offer unique advantages over diesel supply chains for onsite temporary power, and humanitarian service providers are taking notice. Using case studies from post-Maria Puerto Rico and the ongoing Midwest response, this presentation explores the challenges and opportunities for solar storage deployment in environmental crisis. Footprint Project’s mission is to turn every disaster into an opportunity for sustainable development. We help responders deploy clean technologies to power their critical electrical loads while supporting long-term resiliency. We displace diesel generators with renewable nanogrids and build impact accounting tools, providing the information, equipment, and financing to transition relief missions off fossil fuels. Footprint works to ensure communities can build back greener after climate emergencies.

Rent.Solar provides temporary clean power as a service. We rent solar nanogrids to festivals, construction sites, catering companies, and any other event that would otherwise run on a generator. When we’re not powering your celebration, our equipment is deployed to climate disasters with the Footprint Project. By renting a mobile solar system from you support our shared mission to help communities build back greener.

Will Heegaard and Lee Feliciano  will give their presentation on Sunday at 3 pm.  Will is also on the Climate Change and Justice in NC panel on Saturday at 4 pm.

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