Meet the Fest

Meet Maria Sangria

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Maria Sangria and her Sacred Circles for Conflict Resolution workshop to the lineup!


From Maria Sangria ~ I am a child of the light, crowned with the self-authority and transparency of the divine child I know myself to be.  Who I am is the founder of Sacred Circles, conflict resolutions mediator, spiritual uplifter, facilitator of grief recovery, photo journalist, pleasure activist and positive advocate.  Born and raised in New Orleans with a deep love and reverence for live music.  Worked in the music department of Festival Productions, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the Essence Music Festival for 8 years.  Lived in San Francisco and New York and is currently living in Atlanta.  Transformed my life from barely surviving Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to thriving and living a life I love.  Created Sacred Circles in 2008 with the higher purpose of healing and being of service.  A Sacred Circle is the essence of being fully present in the moment restoring respect, justice, connection and peace by keenly listening, using authentic communication and making conscious choices.  A Sacred Circle gives access to the experience of healing, freedom, wellness, and a lusciously delicious life for all people all inclusive.  Effective actions and practices are discovered that benefit the entire community bringing workability to all relationships.  And all it takes is the magical ingredient of having a willingness!   The Sacred Circle Workshop is a community building opportunity for you to transcend your experience of yourself and your relationships.  Why?  Because you matter, and it is what it is until it’s not!  Maria will be giving her workshop on Sunday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:30.

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