Meet the Fest

Meet LA Fernandez and Shady Neighbor

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome LA. Fernandez and Shady Neighbor!

Veteran singer/songwriter L. A. Fernandez on guitar and harmonica is joined with bassist Jody Belangia, drummer Robert Long and multi-instrumentalist, Ed Witkin. All members have a long history of musical experiences spanning from 20 to 40 years each as solo artists, and group performers, who have come together as L. A. Fernandez and Shady Neighbor. They are bound together by their commitment to presenting a high energy show which reflects their varied experience and background as well as their shared love and enjoyment of music, song, and performance. Their musical diversity has come together to form an original brand of Americana. Regardless of whether the preference of the audience runs to blues, folk, rock, or if their inclinations lean towards bluegrass, traditional, or country; L. A. Fernandez and Shady Neighbor leave their listeners with an experience long remembered.


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