Meet the Fest

Meet Tom Blue Wolf

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Tom Blue Wolf – Spiritual Ecology: Singing to the Plants and the SunWatcher Peace Crane

“Singing to the Plant People”, an Ani-Coosa way of life which was passed down by the ancient ones, “We’re still remembering … to sing the old songs that will speak for and to plants, …such poetries will be recreated by us as we re-inhabit this land with people who know they belong to Mother

Earth…the songs will come to us as we learn to see, region by region, how we live specifically in each place…”

Tom Blue Wolf, a native American of the Musckogee tribe shares with the festival the Sunwatcher tradition through the SunWatcher Peace Crane interactive sculpture which serves as the center place for the festival.

He will also give a presentation on Sunday at 2:30 about Spiritual Ecology: Singing to the Plant People.

Tom Blue Wolf is the founder and director of Earthkeepers and One Tribe Trading Company, an organization dedicated to the manufacturing and distributing of herbal heal products and educating people of all ages on the importance of their relationship to the earth and each other.

He is also a charter member of the World Council of Elders, gained the title of Nganga Sangoma (a Zulu term for “herbal and spiritual healer.  Also he is an initiated shaman by the Ainu Sapporo people of norther Japan, a Faithkeeper and Pipe Carrier for the Star Clan of the Lower Creek and a lifetime member of the Indigenous Healers Association.  He travels the world teaching workshops and conducting ceremonies in the tradition of the Star Clan of the Ani-Coosa.

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