Meet the Fest

Meet Stop 5G Asheville – The 5G Wakeup Call and the 5G Asheville Panel

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Stop 5G Asheville – The 5G Wakeup Call and the 5G Asheville Panel!

The 5G Wakeup Call is one person’s story on learning about the serious dangers to all life posed by impending 5G technology and how she overcame her fears to join with others in standing up against it.  Hear 5G Asheville discuss the central points about 5G networks’ affect on you on Friday August 9th at 5 pm .

Presenter: Denise Mewbourne, instigator of the Stop 5G Asheville activist group.

Then join them on 5G Asheville panel on Sunday at 2:30 when they will discuss an plan ways to mobilize Ashevillians against 5G networks.  The panel will cover an exploration of 5G and related topics by members of Stop 5G Asheville. Includes the science confirming the harms of wireless radiation, a story about serious illness caused by living in a 5G city, how 5G and wireless radiation impacts ours and our pets health, ways you can protect your health, and how people are organizing locally to stop it.


Cole Simonson, EMR Remediation, owner

Dr. Patricia Jordan, veterinarian, GeoVital Academy graduate

Diana Schultz, Green and Healthy Homes, owner and certified Building Biologist

Ruth Amanda,, author and researcher

Denise Mewbourne, Stop 5G Asheville, Instigator

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