Meet the Fest

Meet Growing Wild Forest School!

Get Off the Grid Fest welcomes Growing Wild Forest School to the kids grid!

Growing Wild Forest School is an all-outdoor, all-weather nature connection preschool for kids ages 3-6 located in West Asheville. Human beings evolved to learn primarily through play in mixed-age groups in natural settings, and our brains and bodies still require those conditions to develop in the most healthy way as young children. Our school’s interest- and play-based nature connection curriculum allows space for those ideal development conditions. Children can climb trees, forage for local edible plants, track animals, make earthskills crafts, use simple tools, sing songs, play games, and generally play outside in the forest.

Growing Wild will be bringing some earthskills crafts and awesome nature facts and artifacts to Get Off the Grid Fest! We’re so excited to work with you all!

Growing Wild is the first nonprofit preschool to be created by The Forest School Foundation, a registered 501(c)3 established in 2016 in order to create and support nature connection schools for young children in the WNC area. Find out more info at and


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