Meet the Fest

Meet Creation Care Alliance

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Creation Care Alliance to our presentation tent!

“Seeds of Love: Faith Communities working on ecological healing.”

This workshop will explore some of the foundational reasons faith communities, particularly within the Christian tradition, are increasingly engaging in environmental conservation and healing work. Participants will hear stories about local congregations engaged in this work and gain a new understanding about the many trailheads moving congregations onto the path.

The Creation Care Alliance of Western North Carolina is a network of people of faith and congregations who have united around a moral and spiritual call to love our neighbors and the planet by preserving the integrity, beauty, and health of God’s creation. They bring practical and hopeful solutions to congregations, individuals and communities by engaging hearts and minds. Their work is an expression of a love of the Sacred and their action is rooted in spiritual traditions. They are excited about sharing the Guide for Cultivating Creation Care with congregations as they discover the unique way they can care for neighbors and creation.  You can find it here.

Rev. Scott Hardin-Nieri, director of Creation Care Alliance and Rev. Kevin Bates will speak on Sunday at noon.  

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