Meet the Fest

Meet Keenan Phillips!

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Keenan Phillips, of KS Phillips Contracting presenting “Empower Yourself: Edison (Nickel Iron) Battery Refurbishing” as one of our valued sponsors.

I have been building and tinkering from a very young age always curious how and why things work. I got my start with skateboard ramps and bicycles and have worked my way up to build 3 small homes (150-450 sq ft) in the last few years and done many decks, home projects, and renovations. For the last 2 years I’ve been living in the small (300 sq ft), mobile (double-wide), passive solar, solar powered w/ nickel-iron batteries, wood-fired hot tub / radiant floor heated home I built up in Celo, NC. I am excited about teaching folx how to tackle common home repairs and even build their own homes because doing so for myself has been incredibly liberating. I’m currently teaming up with the AVLTL (Asheville Tool Library) to bring all kinds of building and tinkering classes to the masses. Keep an eye out on the AVLTL website or FB page as well as my FB or IG accounts, KSPhillips Contracting, for announcements. Find my booth to see some Nickel Iron batteries keeping hydrating beverages cold, lighting up the night, and charging your devices if you must.  Keenan will be speaking on Empower Yourself:  Edison (Nickel Iron) Battery Refurbishing on Sunday at  11:30.

KSPhillips Contracting 828.675.6003

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