Meet the Fest

Blue Horizon’s Project

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome the Blue Horizons Project !  The Blue Horizon’s Project of Buncombe County, the City of Asheville and Duke Energy Progress established a collaborative task force known as the Energy Innovation Task Force to research and recommend and demand-side management programs in Buncombe County. Members have been appointed from local government, environmental and clean energy advocates, large and small businesses, local institutions and Duke Energy Progress. This Task Force will seek input from and engagement with the public as an integral part of its mission to produce recommendations for consideration by Duke Energy (subject to appropriate NC Utilities Commission approval, Buncombe County Commissioners, the Asheville City Council, and other potential community partners).

The task force has two goals:

1. Avoid or delay the construction of an additional fossil fuel-powered combustion turbine electricity generation facility

at the Asheville Plant site in 2023; and

2. Transition Western to a cleaner, affordable and smarter energy future through community

engagement and collaboration that is mutually beneficial to the community, customers and Duke Energy Progress

Check out a video introducing the Blue Horizons Project!

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