Meet the Fest

Attending the Renewable Energy Policy and Infrastructure Panel

Renewable Energy Policy and Infrastructure Panel – Saturday 1 pm

Join us for a “high-energy conversation on the past, present and future of clean energy in North Carolina and beyond.  We will be exploring the perspectives of our all-star panel and brainstorming possible solutions for the energy challenges that lay ahead.  From residential rooftop solar to off-shore wind, we be taking a deep dive into the policies and initiatives that could flip the current energy paradigm on its head.

Panel members include:

Dave “the Green Cowboy” Freeman who is also the keynote speaker for the festival.  Dave has been a leader in the renewable energy movement since his time under the Nixon and Carter administrations when he helped write the original renewable energy policies for the United States.  He also served as head of the TVA and several metropolitan utility companies.

Rocky Buldo  is president of Power2Choose and Enough Technologies.  Rocky comes from a public utility and engineering background.  He will be speaking towards the use of micro-grids.

Ned Ryan Doyle   is an energy activist leader in the Asheville area.  Currently he serves on Asheville’s Energy Innovation Task Force which is developing a unique community energy strategy for Asheville in concert with Asheville/Buncombe County’s government and Duke Energy.

Steffi Rausch represents Clitizens’ Climate Lobby, Asheville.  It is laser focused on a specific piece of legislation, Carbon Fee and Dividend, and a proven strategy to gain its passage.

Jim Warren is the director of  NC Warn. In partnership with social justice, environmental, consumer protection, housing, labor and faith allies, NC WARN is working to change Duke Energy’s business model of building unneeded, expensive gas-fired power plants, repeatedly raising electricity rates and spending millions annually to silence and distort public debate.

Ben Stockdale the government affairs associate for North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association.  He will be moderating the panel.

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