Meet the Fest

Meet Toybrary!

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Toybrary!

Founder and Chief Play Officer, Susan Dobroski, of The Toybrary! ™ is all about sustainability.  She and her  “Be a Play Hero!” ™  educational model tootles around Buncombe County  in a custom mobile-toy lending library promoting the benefits of sharing toys, puzzles, and games, decreasing clutter in the home, and ultimately contributing less toy plastic waste in our landfill. In fact, Susan is currently researching implementing solar panels for the roof to generate  heat/ac/and overhead the overhead lighting needs.  “I’ve done everything I possibly can to resurrect the aging gasoline generator, but without success.”  So, perfect timing to seriously consider renewable energy from mother sun!” To learn more about  The Toybrary! ™ or its GOFUNDME campaign, please visit WWW.TOYBRARYAVL.COM.

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