Meet the Fest

Meet Jacquelyn Howard

Get Off the Grid Fest welcomes Jacquelyn Howard to the opening ceremony!
Jacquelyn Howard has been honing her unique style of dance since first she ‘toured’ with the Grateful Dead in the mid-Eighties. A member of the Matabari Exotic Dance Company and the creator of “ Conflagration at Terrapin Station”-a choreo-tribute to the music of Jerry Garcia- she has performed “The Story of Sadako” at a variety of sites including the Rose Garden at the Carter Center in Atlanta, a congregational church in Burlington Vermont and by the Irish Sea in Aberystwyth, Wales. She will recreate this dance piece in memorial to the victims of atomic weapons and power as part of the festival’s opening invocation ceremony at the Peace Crane site at 5pm on Friday, August 9th the 75th anniversary of the bombing. She will be joined by her daughter, Aliza Fleming who is a developing actor and performer as well.

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