Meet the Fest

Meet Janet Gillette, Jazz Folk Singer

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Janet Gillette!

Janet Gillette, jazz-folk singer/songwriter is performing Saturday August 10th.  She will be showcasing her new album, “tiny beads of red” and is delighted to be back in the Appalachian Mountains.

“Singing is the closest thing to flying,” she says, and her songs not only express her own experience, her own journey through the world, but her clear and gentle voice also takes us on a journey – a journey through our inner landscapes.

Originally from Virginia’s southern coast, Janet grew up singing and always wanting to fly, her childhood filled with the music of her mother, an accomplished pianist. While studying theatre and philosophy, her poetry joined melody and her songwriting took shape. Her love of singing then brought her to Germany to deepen her training in the method of the School of Uncovering the Voice, which has combined with her southern roots – folk, soul, gospel, and jazz, traditional English and Irish Folk Ballads and the vibrant edge of Berlin, where she has been based for over 12 years, to contribute to Janet’s unique sound, referred to as “resonant, luminous, reflective and transcendental”. She advocates for the authentic tone of the voice unfiltered through technical mediums, and improvisation plays a key role in both her composing and performing. There is a seeking, within her songs, a “listening into the silence”, she explains for “what moves and wants to come through me into the moment. I just try to stay open to what wants to be sung, to what wants to grow, to whisper, to scream, what wants to be heard. And I try to let it out, to let it sing me”.


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