Meet the Fest

Meet Rocky Buldo, Power2Choose

Get Off the Grid Fest would like to welcome Rocky Buldo, Power2Choose to the lineup!

International Electrotechnical Commission

(IEC)Expert, Rocky Buldo will discuss DIY ways to Cut Your Power Bill!

“It is not possible to Get Off the Grid and maintain our quality of life without Power2Choose Alternative Energy in some form or fashion” As founder of Rocky will present  on the History and future of Solar//Battery.

Don’t miss this Presentation on Self Empowerment to include:

How & why we “Hack” the Grid, Behind the Meter for it’s own good AND the security of your family. Sustainability is a Lifestyle Choice.. Change is Not going to come TO You from the Top Down. The Inevitable Evolution of 21th Century Consumer Devices designed to run on sun. Don’t be fooled! How to identify “Gray Green”.The Common myths $tifling Very Real Atl E Innovations.

On Display – Advanced Battery Technology

We are Standing at a Cross Road in the Digital Age as Important the Clay Pot was in taking Mankind from Hunter Gathered to Agrarian Civilization! Surrounded be Free Energy to be harvested – We can now build civilization from No Where, Back towards the Grid.

Thus, It’s No Longer Necessary or cost effective to Burn Coal to make light in the 21st Century Bottom Line, given the Power2Choose, every $1 Not Spent on Power is perhaps $1.50 in bankable wealth.There can be No Free Market for Electricity without the Power2Choose Alternative Energy. Visit LIKE and Share!


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