Meet the Fest

Meet Natural Rhythms

Natural Rhythms: Elise Witt, Terry Garthwaite, Becky Reardon and special guest Racheal Schlafer-Parton

Imagine Janis Joplin, Joan Baez, Annie Ross and Edith Pilaf taking a turn from Barbara Kingsolver and Dr. Seuss and you’ll have some idea of these mad and moving musical adventures.  Whether it’s a plaintive cry for families at the border, a polyrhythmic  improvisation on the physics of sound, an anthem to the preservation of wild rivers and oceans or a musical ride on the Love train, their voices find each other in that mysterious world of harmony and diversity, a world that the group will lead others to discover in the Singing Circle Workshop where participants will explore our wildly versatile voices in the rainbow of colors available to us individually and as an ensemble.  

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