Meet the Fest

Meet Dave Freeman, the Green Cowboy

Dave “Green Cowboy” Freeman has been a leader in the renewable energy movement since his time under the Nixon and Carter administrations when he helped write the original renewable energy policies for the United States.  He also served as head of the TVA and several metropolitan utility companies.

Dave will be speaking from his experience and his vision for future renewable energy.  According to Dave, the impact of climate change is just building up, but the more we learn it is like the mountain to cross is even bigger.

One of the responses to climate change is a Green New Deal which calls for fundamentally replacing the existing entire system of energy production, delivery and consumption.  The technology is already there but the market manipulation or laws to support the transition aren’t there.  Dave will be speaking about the Green New Deal and offer means for moving the debate from how we need to change our energy infrastructure to how to make it happen in a short time.  He will also participate in an energy policy panel.

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